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About Jen Maxson

Hello, my name is Jen Maxson of Maxson Fitness.  I began Maxson Fitness in an effort to live out a couple of my passions: helping people and fitness!

Maxson Fitness began with a goal of making training more personalized. A more PERSONAL personal training. Working out efficiently is about creating individualized training, in a way that is specialized for each person, with a major emphasis on motivation, accountability, enthusiasm, and FUN!

I’ve been a member of several different gyms. While going as a member, they seemed disconnected, distracting, and most importantly, uncomfortable. I dreaded going. Which is really what catapulted me into creating my own experience for you.

I opened my studio to provide a private, professional, personal, safer and hygienic environment. Health-club settings often detract from focus and motivation.  Working one on one with a personal trainer in a studio provides that focus, encouragement, safety and a much more personalized fitness experience. An experience that is fun, healthy and ANYTHING but uncomfortable! I want you to WANT to come.

Feel free to contact me:
E-mail at JenMaxFitness@gmail.com,
Telephone at 360-566-3600
Snail mail at the following address:
211 E. 11th St, Suite 203
Vancouver, WA 98660

Call (360) 566-3600!

Give Jen a call to start improving your health today! Not tomorrow or later, do this for yourself now.