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I was already working out regularly when I started with Jen, but my routine was just that…routine. Jen helped me break out of my fitness rut and I’m seeing awesome results. She makes great use of our time together and tailors a varied and challenging workout to my needs. It’s a great break from my busy day. I don’t have to think or plan, just show up ready to sweat!


Tammy McCray

I have been with Jen for 4 months, and had been struggling with allergies (gluten, soy, lactose + more). Jen made it possible for me to enjoy eating healthy foods & exercising I have more energy and lost 5lbs over the holidays. I look forward to my time with Jen she is always fun, professional, positive, and knows when to push me to do more than I thought I could. She is so worth the financial investment in your health. Love my nutrition & workout program with Jen! SHE IS THE BEST!


Terri Shinners

I have known Jen for a long time, but I recently started working out with her. I am so impressed with how she manages to be professional and personable, knowledgeable and still make it fun! She makes you feel like you are working as a team and helps you create goals that are attainable but still get results. She makes personal training fun, exciting, and rewarding. Definitely recommend training with Jen to anyone who wants to get in shape the healthy way and have fun doing it!

Melissa Smithdeal

I have to tell you I don’t like to exercise. But, I look forward to the days that I get to work out with Jen. She makes it fun and shakes it up so that you don’t get bored. Working out with her has helped me get my body in shape body now that I am reaching the big 50 it was time to do something. Thanks Jen for all that you do in helping me be healthier and the energetic grandma that I want to me. Thanks Jen


Nancy Crum

I have been amazed at the level of enjoyment that I have been able to achieve exercising! Jen has helped me to see that I can achieve much more than I ever thought possible and at a level that I even enjoy. The time is up before I even want it to be and I have felt an overall strength improvement much faster than I imagined. To train with Jen is the… Best Decision I have made for myself in a long time! Thank you Jen!


Candy Wallace


Jen is so caring & knowledgeable. She knows how far & how hard push me in helping me to get the best results. She is so fun to work with. Jen is the best!


Dan M

Jen is so enthusiastic about exercise! You can’t help but be so fired up to get fit. She always has something new for you to learn which equals not getting board with a workout. She has an attention to detail and form is really important. She’s great at targeting a trouble area. I would recommend her program for Anyone that wants to change their body and the way they physically feel for the better.


Julia Carlston

Working out with Jen is effective and fun. I very much enjoy the added muscle as well as toning up. Jen loves her job and it shows! She is always prepared as for the work out as well as having an upbeat attitude that makes the time pass quickly. As an busy executive and family man leveraging time is what is most important to me. With Jen I am able to leverage my time by doing the most effective exercises. I learned from Jen that 10 + 10 does not equal 20. 10 + 10 equals fun!


Tony Carlston

I am a 77 yr. old male and my wife is 73. We have gone to numerous Athletic club exercise programs with no success. When I started with Jen she designed a program special for me. She taught me proper form and positioning for each muscle group. I have felt much success in my overall strength and balance which I was struggling with before, Thanks Jen, I feel you have actually saved my life. You’re the Greatest!


Ted W

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