Meet Jen Maxson

What Drives Jen to Be Your Personal Trainer

At the risk of sounding trite and cliché, Jen cares. She really does. The driving force behind her studio and Jen’s very PERSONAL personal training is that she’s witnessed far too many loved ones’ health and mobility fail to not do something about it for others. Although she loves clients of all ages, shapes and sizes, she’s really on a mission to keep our community healthy, independent and mobile.

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Why Maxson Fitness?

Jen Maxson is why her clients keep coming back and telling their friends to go! She goes out of her way to make everyone feel special.

Jen not only knows your physical parameters, she develops a personal relationship with her clients.

Jen loves to work with everyone, but especially seniors. Her mission is to keep women and men of all ages mobile and healthy.

Jen sets a goal for herself with each and every client: to achieve the results you want. You are pushing to meet your goal, yes, and so is Jen. She may even want it more than you!


Read What Clients Are Saying

I was already working out regularly when I started with Jen, but my routine was just that…routine. Jen helped me break out of my fitness rut and I’m seeing awesome results. She makes great use of our time together and tailors a varied and challenging workout to my needs. It’s a great break from my busy day. I don’t have to think or plan, just show up ready to sweat!


Tammy McCray